Siddhartha Barnhoorn

Composer for film, video games and media


Siddhartha Barnhoorn is a composer based in Katwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands. He composes music for films, video games and other media, as well as his own solo works. To learn more please check out the About page.

On the right you can check out some of his featured works. If you are interested in hiring Sid for work please get in touch through the Contact page.

Trailer for a new video game I'm working on called Deviant-X!

New ambient album Cosmos Unfolding has been released! It is a collaboration between Robert Logan and myself.

Our coming together was a natural outgrowth of our interests, and the music seemed to form itself effortlessly. The album was created remotely between 2020 and 2022 and explores a shared fascination with astronomy, cosmos-related mythology and the universe beyond Earth, as well crossover musical interests in certain kinds of synthesis, sound design and classic space-themed albums and media. The pieces of 'Cosmos Unfolding' form one long seamless journey chronicling the story of the universe, and the music ranges, at times drawing unashamedly from the romantic space-music tradition and at others stepping into new mysterious territories.

The album is out now!

Very proud to release this latest album for the soundtrack of Out There: Oceans of Time Volume II.

This latest volume has been dubbed Planetary Explorations and is a collection of tracks where we explore all the various planets we encounter on our journey, from lush garden planets to desolate rocky planets to the planet of the Archon and more... While exploring the surface of these Garden planets, you can encounter the beautiful vocals of Viktorija Kukule and Lara Ausensi, which add another ethereal layer to the experience. I experimented also with my own vocals, though heavily processed, when landing on Earth. My main vision for the planets was to create, for each planet, a unique, atmospheric and immersive soundworld.

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The soundtrack Out There: Oceans of Time Volume I has been released!

Also dubbed The Journey, is a collection of tracks that chronicles the narrative journey the characters can take throughout the game, from their struggles with the Archon to encounters with various creatures and entities like the Architect, The Whisperers, the Alephs and the Cube Gods. Our journey also takes us to different star systems, from red dwarfs to neutron stars to black holes. Throughout the album we can discover live performances of vocals by Viktorija Kukule and Lara Ausensi and cello by Sophie Snow. The music for Out There: Oceans of Time began in August 2019, with the teaser trailer.

The soundtrack evolved through lots of jam sessions using analog and digital synthesizers to create an organic, immersive experience.

Album out now!

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the feature film Lucas is available on all digital streaming platforms.

In the wake of the death of his father, Lucas, a teenager, accepts an offer to cede own photographs to Álvaro in exchange for money. The latter, an adult man, wants to used them to contact with reportedly "young girls" in social media by means of catfishing.

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